Amarcord Story

The Amarcord Wine & Spirits, located in the small province of Vora, pretty close to Tirana, was founded in 2003 by Sallaku brothers, as a result of their love and passion for wines. The company imports and distributes wines for different kind of businesses, such as restaurants, hotels and lounge bars. It offers their products to the end customer as well.The Amarcord Wine & Spirits offers its customers a wide range of products and assortments, mentioning here wines from different regions of Italy, alongside with distilled drinks and champagnes from the regions of France.

The Amarcord Wine & Spirits is an exhibition space full of love and desire to show their customers a selection of wines and they aim to offer their customers an amazing experience with a great hospitality. The exhibition consists of more than 500 different labels from cantinas over Italy, Spain, Portugal and France. You can find our products also in Kosovo and Montenegro.

All we Can Offer

Amarcord Wine & Spirits is your trusted wine exhibition with more than 500 items, such as wine and distilled drinks. Our wines are from the most excellent wineries of Italy, France, Spain, Portugal etc.The Sallaku brothers, the founders of this distribution network were driven from their passion to satisfy all the tastes of the customers. They believe that the reason of their success is because of their faithful clients.

● We build a personalized project according to your needs, which represents the high quality of the products and the service provided.

● The recent philosophy that has inspired the company selections, was based on the definition of the most prestigious distilled wines and drinks, in order to be a reference for all those who aspire and aim for the most special tastes.